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A team of Analytics Consultants with expertise in solving business problems and implementing data driven solutions for Fortune 500 clients across various domains such as Technology, Telecom, Pharma, Retail and BFSI. We follow a hybrid approach combining traditional consulting and business analytics to provide state of the art solutions to our customers. Right blend of domain knowledge, Statistics and Technology skills in the solution mix makes our consultants the craftsmen of analytics solutions


Companies differentiate themselves by building competitive advantages through business strategies that are apt and tailor made for their business. However, coining powerful strategies and its efficient execution demand great levels of brain power and expertise backed by a business analytics engine. Moreover, implementing strategies and achieving business excellence is not an event but a prolonged process that requires sustained and channelized effort in the right direction corroborated by the business analytics engine.

We at TurnB leverage the power of analytics to provide persuasive, influential and accurate strategies backed by data that will propel your business to the next level of industry innovation and performance. Our supreme levels of customer offerings and engagement during the course of partnership with clients help us seamlessly graduate into ‘Trusted Advisors/Partners’ for their business

TurnB has been a trusted partner for many clients including Fortune 500 companies and here is why they have chosen us:

Customer Obsessed

Our start and end is “our customer”. All our activities are designed and executed with the perspective of adding value to our Primary stakeholder “ Our Customers”

Competent Team

Our team is the most pivotal player in our ecosystem. Our expertise across business verticals and blended skills in Business, Statistics and Technology helps us to carve out state of the art solutions for our customers


Our team and processes are carefully designed and trained to be nimble and flexible for accommodating our customers needs. Agility enables our solutions to capitalize the Opportunity Window and generate higher ROI for our clients


Our commitment, to a relationship–driven, collaborative business model, makes us engraved into the Customers’ firewall as an extended team. This indeed make us efficient in providing solutions that are tailor made for our clients

Hybrid and Multi-Pronged approach

We follow a hybrid approach combining traditional consulting and business analytics to provide state of the art solutions to our customers. We believe only the right mix of business, technology, Statistics and creative thinking can craft the best solution that addresses our customer needs


This is the nucleus of our existence. We value truth and transparency. Everything we do is a white box to our customers and is the biggest reason for our success in the business (Trade) of solving business problems using data

Robust Processes

We are tamed and committed to follow the structured and thoughtful processes instilled in our system for being efficient and effective in what we do

Creative Thinking

Diverse problems demand diverse and innovative solutions. Formulating and Implementing generic and obsolete solutions always fail. Creative thinking is the need of the hour and epicentre to our problem solving recipe


What We do

Business encounters problems as transformation is the only constant in this world. All business problems can be categorized into one of Descriptive, Diagnostic, predictive and Prescriptive categories. To stay ahead and embrace business growth, one has to solve both these tactical and strategic problems effectively and efficiently. TurnB provides analytics solutions to all business problems across the Descriptive, Diagnostic, predictive and Prescriptive categories. We use our proprietary “Consult D5TM” framework to provide state of the art solutions and top of the world consulting experience for our clients.

Descriptive – TurnB operates in a “Hindsight mode” while solving descriptive problems and explains “what is happening” in the business. This helps our clients to sense the rhythm of business and be on top of key issues that need to be focused

Diagnostic – TurnB operates in an “Insight mode” here and help the business understand ”why it happened”. Team focuses on deep dives and finds the root cause of specific business triggers that changed the business outcome

Predictive – TurnB changes the gear to “Foresight mode” and support clients to understand “what will happen” in the business. Team creates models to predict the future business outcomes

Prescriptive – TurnB operates in a “Prescriptive mode” and provides recommendations to clients on “what is best for their business and what should the business do”. TurnB recommendations are backed by analysis outputs and or secondary research corroborated by domain knowledge.

Consult D5TM Framework


We don the business stakeholders role to acquaint ourselves with the business environment. Knowledge of the business terrain helps to line up needs, priorities and goals and understand roadblocks/limitations in attaining them. We treat every need, priority or goal as a business problem that can be tagged to one or more categories in the problem quadrant-Descriptive, Diagnostic, Prescriptive and Predictive- whose solution will engender growth and pave way for success


We believe that defining and understanding the problem is quintessential to formulate a solution that is complete in all aspects. We kick-start the process of problem solving by asking fundamental questions that will provide a clear and comprehensive account of the problem, its complexities and the desired outcomes. Assigning the business problem to one or more of the problem categories is achieved through this process of questioning and provides enhanced clarity in terms of the likely solution/outcome


We follow a ‘Divide and Conquer’ approach to problem solving. The central problem is broken down into smaller segments to ensure reduced complexity and achievable targets. A high level overview of the LOC (line of execution) is created using flow diagrams, logical charts, timelines etc.


We adopt razor sharp techniques and arrive at cogent solutions. We Build and coin reports, statistical models, strategies etc. that will stand the test of time and transform businesses to the next level of industry innovation and performance


We present, familiarize and evangelize our solutions to the end stakeholders and help them blend/implement these solutions into the business DNA and make business amends. We constantly evaluate our solutions to make improvements and shoot them back into the business loop to better already existing services.

Post delivery, we look back and re-align business needs, goals and priorities to target and focus our efforts on the subsequent action items in the pipeline

How Do We Engage

TurnB engages with clients in two different ways:

Retainer Engagement

In this model, TurnB team work as an extension team to the client’s organization via a long term agreement. Team acts as the Business Analytics engine and continues to churn projects which are the need of the hour for business. Moreover, TurnB team continues to be an integral part of the company and help in successful solution implementation and outcome tracking. We recommend this model as we believe “Analytics is a process and not an event”. In addition, to be in the forefront, business leaders need to institutionalize data driven decision making which can be only accomplished with the presence of an extension team.

Project Model

In this model, TurnB team engages with the client to solve a point problem in hand which is critical for clients business. TurnB assures state of the art solutions, successful implementation and effective outcome tracking to ensure project objectives are met. Our past client engagements reveal that most often Project model acts as a pilot engagement with TurnB and transforms to retainer model after successful completion of the project. This model also allows the client to sense and experience the superior engagement experience with TurnB team.

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Go Social & Get Guidance

Our compassionate and experienced professionals will lead the way in your journey across the world of analytics and consulting. We will focus on building your skills across state of the art tools and technologies, problem solving skills, business knowledge, man-management/leadership skills and much more. Besides all that, our constant support and guidance will steel you to brave challenges and confront adversities with ease. At TurnB, we present you a platform to hone your skills and imbibe new ideas through interaction and socialization

Gain Exposure

Work with multiple industries and solve business problems that run the spectrum. This is your chance to don the problem solvers role and help companies reach the zenith of success

Be Recognized

Your contributions will be valued and your voices will be heard. Work in an environment where leadership qualities and creative thinking is fostered

Come, fuel your passion for analytics and unearth the consultant within you. Experience a world of difference at TurnB

Send in your resumes to reachus@turnb.com

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